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The financial services industry is entirely transforming at a staggering rate due to growth in the FinTech sector.  The UK is quickly becoming a leader in the FinTech industry with London being the ultimate capital as one of the world’s largest financial institution centres. The FinTech market is estimated to be worth approximately £20billion in annual revenue and for companies wanting to establish a global presence in this fast growing, innovative sector, the UK is becoming a destination of choice.

Thistle Initiatives Limited has great experience in working with some of the leading FinTech firms and assisting them with the challenges of the ever changing regulatory landscape.  Thistle Initiatives has assisted some of the UK’s leading businesses in sectors such as investment management, RoboAdvice, Peer-to-Peer lending and Crowdfunding and can evidence a 100% track record in obtaining authorisation for firms in the financial services marker.

Important to understand is that to launch a FinTech businesses it may take 8-12 months to obtain direct authorisation. In addition, it has been well documented that the FCA has turned down a number of applications in the FinTech sector with applications being deemed either incomplete or individuals not understanding their regulatory obligations. Therefore it is important that you work with a trusted partner who has a success rate that can demonstrate achievement.

As well as assisting with the process of Direct Authorisation, Thistle can also offer FinTech firms an “incubator” arrangement by becoming an Appointed Representative

If you are a FinTech firm looking for assistance with your regulatory requirements then please get in touch with Thistle Initiatives today to see what we can do for you –

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