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Although your firm may be familiar with DPA, the impact of GDPR is still evolving; Thistle will ensure you are kept up to date with the latest developments and the possible implications in terms of your firm’s specific arrangements.

Parts of the GDPR will have more impact on some organisations than others; we will assist by mapping out which parts of the GDPR will have the greatest impact on your business model so we can give those areas prominence in the planning process.

If your organisation operates internationally, we can help you to determine which data protection supervisory authority you come under. The GDPR contains quite complex arrangements for working out which supervisory authority takes the lead when investigating a complaint where there is an international aspect. With any international data transfers, including intra-group transfers, it will be important to ensure you have a legitimate basis for transferring personal data to jurisdictions that are not recognised as having adequate data protection regulation.

Once the impact of the various elements of the GRPR are clear we will analyse the business, so you know what information you collect, how it is used, how stored, to whom it is ultimately transferred, how long it is kept for and when and how it is disposed of.

We will assess any gaps between your existing and required arrangements and provide practical advice and support to ensure you are able to implement and embed appropriate and proportionate controls.

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