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With the complexity and high volume of laws governing the employment relationship, combined with the increasing propensity to litigate, employers must always consider the risk of liability arising from almost every decision involving an employee.

Many firms are initially reluctant to invest in the expenses needed to audit their employment procedures and practices. In many cases, it has often taken a crisis in order to persuade them, that for their financial welfare, they need Thistle to conduct a review to determine whether they were compliant with the UK and EU laws and regulations.

Thistle works with its clients to find the most cost-effective way to reduce the risk of liability. We do this by:

  •    Carrying out compliance audits to identify any existing weaknesses within the firm.
  •    Devising bespoke policies and procedures to provide maximum protection.
  •    Drafting or updating documents to achieve best practice compliance.
  •    Offering continuing on-hand advice and assistance.
  •    Providing an optional indemnity against the costs of legal action.

Documents which are not accurately prepared or updated, frequently turn up as exhibits in employment claims, which are brought by former/prospective employees. In order to prevent this risk, Thistle can provide a cost-effective service to your firm and cater for all HR compliance needs.

For enquiries regarding employment law compliance, and how Thistle can help your firm, please contacts us at info@thistleinitiatives.co.uk

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