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Call Monitoring

Many businesses use call monitoring to record and evaluate incoming and outgoing phone calls. This helps management assess the standard of service their employees deliver, ensure they are acting compliantly, and provide a reference point for any complaints.

Why is it important? 

Implementing call monitoring helps you hold your staff accountable for the standard of service they provide and identify where extra training may be needed. In the event of a complaint, this enables you to review previous calls to establish exactly what happened. Call monitoring can also help you to recognise and reward your team when they demonstrate an outstanding level of service.

It is important for:

    • Accountability— Call monitoring is a non-verbal way of communicating to your employees that you expect them to adhere to company procedures and provide an outstanding level of service
    • Skills evaluation— Listening to recorded calls enables you to identify trends that reflect skills gaps you can then address. Simply asking your staff where they might need support won’t achieve the same results. They will often be reluctant to admit to difficulties they’re facing, or may not be aware of potential issues
    • Strengthening procedures— Call monitoring can also help to identify any procedural issues within your business and can help ensure your governance framework is compliant
    • Dispute handling— Call monitoring provides tangible evidence you can cite in a dispute. This enables a mediator to take an objective view of a situation and resolve the issue fairly. You can also use this evidence in training case studies, to prevent similar issues arising again
    • Recognition and reward— Call monitoring helps you recognise and reward your employees. While incentives encourage most staff to perform better, simply providing verbal recognition can help those who go above and beyond feel valued and motivated.

We provide outsourced services for all types of financial services activities, making it easy for you to monitor agent performance and ensure your business meets all relevant quality and regulatory standards.

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