Due Diligence

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Many firms are faced with the challenge of understanding a wide variety of products which may be suitable for their clients. This is particularly the case in the investment sector where potentially high returns are linked to high risks and a large degree of volatility as well as counterparty uncertainty. It is an area where there is significant regulatory activity and this needs to be understood and conformed with.

Thistle Initiatives can assist with conducting due diligence on counterparties to ensure compliance with FCA standards, whether this is as an operator of funds or SIPPs, or directly as an investor. Given the recent disasters including several failures of structured products and highly speculative geared investments, effective due diligence has never been so important.

How we carry out due diligence

Thistle Initiatives uses its highly experienced and skilled team to undertake assessments on investments. We will then provide an in-depth report into all aspects of the investment and its counter-parties.

Thistle has undertaken extensive due diligence on investments such as:

• Carbon Credits
• Property Developments
• Forestry Investments
• Unregulated companies
• Storage Pods
• Fuel Investments
• Solar Power wind farms

If you would like further information on how Thistle can help you, please contact us on 0207 436 0630 or email us on info@thistleinitiatives.co.uk