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Cyber Security

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and harder to identify. Effective cyber security is no longer something that’s nice to have. It’s an absolute necessity for any firm today.

Cybercrime is on the increase and we’re all vulnerable. Phishing, malware, distributed denial of service attacks – these are just a few of the many ways criminals can penetrate your systems to shut them down or access sensitive information they can ransom.

Repair costs after an attack range from tens of thousands to millions of pounds. Getting back on track takes time too, and many firms never recover from a serious attack. That’s why the European Banking Authority and the FCA both recommend regular penetration testing to identify and shore up IT security weaknesses.

As companies and individuals adapt to the realities of a post-Covid world, cyber security risks continue to grow. Employees leaving companies against their will represent a significant cyber risk with their knowledge of internal systems, processes and even back doors.

Responding to growing concerns over cyber security, the government has set up the Information Commissioner’s Officer (ICO), a self-funding body to which all data breaches must be reported. Failure to comply with the new GDPR legislation (which includes an obligation to notify both your customers and the ICO of any data breach) can result in fines of up to 4% of your annual global income.

To help companies get to grips with cyber security, the government has introduced an industry-supported scheme called Cyber Essentials. This aims to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.

The Cyber Essentials programme can help safeguard your company and your customers against cybercrime and its financial impact. It provides a set of processes and policies, which, if followed, will deliver a good basic level of cyber security.

The Cyber Essentials Plus programme includes penetration testing at least once a year to assess the vulnerability of data held by your firm.

The Cyber Essentials programme also brings a range of ‘soft’ benefits. For example, it can reassure your customers that you’re taking cyber security and the threat of cyber crime seriously, and that you can be trusted to protect their personal information.

Our programme offers you the support of our expert team. All of its members are certified by recognised bodies and have been supporting firms in the fight against cybercrime for many years.

For a flat-fee monthly payment, our Cyber Essentials programme provides:

    • An assessment of your company’s current cyber security arrangements to help you secure the Cyber Essentials accreditation
    • A service desk giving you access to our cyber security experts, who can help you resolve any issues you encounter
    • A full review of your IT infrastructure and devices to help you secure the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation
    • An annual penetration test to diagnose any vulnerabilities that may have arisen in the previous year
    • Access to our cyber security team to provide training in cybercrime, GDPR and other related issues
    • Immediate access to our team to investigate cyber security issues as they arise
    • Access to additional services such as:
      1. A security operations centre (SOC) service through which we continually monitor your network traffic for suspicious activity
      2. A bug detection service through which we scan your offices and machines for listening and tracking devices.

Beyond the annual re-certification process, we can offer a range of other services to enhance your cyber security and cyber awareness.

These include:

    • Cyber insurance to cover your company’s costs, should you experience a breach
    • Cyber security awareness training and threat briefings for your staff
    • Cyber risks analysis based on the National Cyber Security Centre’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security, with pragmatic and affordable remediation roadmaps to ensure your company is protected from emerging cyber threats
    • Business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

For more information about our services, call 0207 436 0630 to speak to a member of our expert team or email

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