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Past Business Review and Remediation

The best way to improve your future operations can sometimes be to conduct an in-depth past business review. Our specialist team can help.

Whether prompted by regulatory intervention or internal compliance monitoring controls, the key drivers for reviews tend to be similar. Typically, there will have been indications of mis-selling, raising the prospect of poor outcomes for customers, complaints, and a potential need for redress.

Acting quickly to identify root causes and take effective action can limit your exposure and help drive improved practices. In this way, a past business review can deliver wider long-term benefits for your firm.

Root cause identification and address

We’ve supported many firms with past business reviews. We have the experience, the specialist resource, and the expertise to lead effective past business reviews whatever the circumstances. In particular, we understand the kinds of activities and behaviours that can lead to poor customer outcomes.

Our past business review experts can quickly identify the causes of any problems, recommend effective remedies, and help you avoid similar risks in the future. Our process includes reviewing your monitoring controls in all relevant areas to make sure they’re sufficiently robust. Where necessary, we’ll recommend enhancements to ensure your controls provide effective early warning and so help avoid future issues.


Our past business review service also includes helping you determine the extent of customer detriment and making recommendations on fair redress. Once this has been done, we’ll work with you to develop a communication programme that ensures redress is managed swiftly and efficiently, both in the interests of your customers and to minimise the impact on business as usual.

If you wish, we can also undertake complaint handling and redress activity on your behalf.

How can we help?

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