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Thistle Initiatives provide trainers and coaches to help ensure firms’ staff are trained to the required levels of compliance competence.

Our trainers have on average more than fifteen years’ experience in designing and delivering management development modules in over twenty countries for private, public and governmental organisations. What sets them apart in their delivery is an absolute focus on the needs of the people sitting in front of them on that particular day. If they have to adapt a module on the spot to help someone understand a point more clearly, they will do so.

At Thistle Initiatives our working definition of coaching is the means by which a person supports another in improving their performance. We believe in coaching teams of individuals who support each other through effective feedback and who work within a culture of continuous improvement to create a competitive and sustainable advantage for their firm.

At the heart of Thistle Initiatives’ approach is the creation of a programme designed specifically to support each individual to build up their managerial skills and techniques. Our coaches are accredited in the use of 360 degree feedback, communication style (DISC/Insight) and Emotional Intelligence tools. We are members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Our consultants benefit from the combination of being “Big Four” trained with many years’ experience of hands on management across a range of sectors. We are therefore able to blend rigorous methodology with a practical understanding of the training needs of your firm and sector. We are currently helping clients to up-skill and reconfigure the skills of their people in order to help them emerge strongly from the current downturn.

If your firm is looking for some support in bouncing back from the recession but haven’t yet rebuilt the internal training resource to do this quickly enough, give us a call on 020 7436 0630.

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