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Partnership with Superscript

November 25, 2019

Considering an insurance provider for your business? Our team have partnered with Superscript to provide you with highly-tailored insurance designed with emerging risks and innovation in mind.

In such a fast-moving digital world, Digital Risks provides the most accurate cover for fast-moving businesses. Led by transparency as a core value, they aim to put an end to the confusion and uncertainty brought by the stigma of the insurance industry. For Merlie Calvert, founder of Farillio, it was the transparency alone that made the choice of insurance provider an easy decision.

Merlie Calvert, founder of Farillio

There’s something amazing about talking to somebody who really gets your business, asks the right questions, doesn’t waste your time but makes the effort to understand you as a business” – says Merlie.

Before discovering Digital Risks, Merlie found that a lot of insurers did not use plain English, which made it hard to understand what she was buying.

That was one of the things that frustrated me at the beginning – I couldn’t tell whether something that sounded the same and was priced significantly differently was a more competitively priced deal, or had insufficient cover meaning I would pay less but take more risk”.

With a strong emphasis on proprietary technology and service, Digital Risks has developed a range of covers for digital businesses and the complex risks they face. These include core policies like public and employers’ liability, professional indemnity, and more specialist products like cyber and management liability (or directors’ and officers’ insurance).

With Digital Risks it was very clear to work out what I needed, but I also had someone to expertly advise me on my assumptions. That gave me a lot of confidence because it didn’t feel like it was all about just getting money out of a naive startup founder. And from that point on, I’ve not ever worried about insurance. I’ve not looked back. I’ve not considered another provider, because everything we needed was there, and we’ve grown as a business very much hand-in-hand with the support that Digital Risks gave us”.

At Digital Risks, they believe that insurance should not deliver a scare factor – on the contrary, it should take away any fears and reservations you might have as an entrepreneur.

Oli Mitchell , CEO of Moneycado

Digital Risks get startups, they get the stage, and they get the mentality, unlike the traditional corporates.

Where speed and agility are incredibly important, the fear in traditional providers is that the process is very slow, where the policies don’t even fit the business at the end. Those fears were not found with Digital Risks” – says Oli Mitchell, CEO of Moneycado.

At the end of the day, it is always good to have a reserve chute, if things go wrong. But as a business covered by Digital Risks, you realise that your venture isn’t a leap of faith, it is a tandem jump. And though at times you may feel like you are falling, they will always have your back.

Visit for more info.