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We believe in establishing strong connections with reputable businesses who are experts at what they do. Our professional connections can offer you a high level of bespoke service, tailored to your needs. We’re proud to have established these relationships and are offering an introductory discount when connecting with any of our partners, download our PDF for more information.

Resolution Compliance Limited (authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under FRN 574048), part of the Thistle Group, is seen as one of the UK’s leading Appointed Representative networks for financial innovation having specific experience in Crowdfunding, P2P lending and investment management platforms. Bringing years of industry experience, Resolution Compliance provides a total network solution tailored to your offering. Their team of experts offer hands-on and time-efficient services which ensure their Appointed Representative clients can successfully navigate and fulfil regulatory requirements whilst continuing to thrive as a business, providing ongoing support in an ever-changing landscape.

Compliance Star, part of the Thistle Group, is a technology-enabled compliance platform that facilitates compliance management, workflow and monitoring of firms authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Compliance Star is underpinned by a ‘fail-safe’, calendar-based task management system. This allows for both automatic and manual setting of tasks, notifies actions, populates deadlines into a calendar, issues reminders and monitors for completion. The platform reduces compliance burden significantly and is currently being used by leading regulatory networks. Compliance Star enables complete tracking of internal regulatory processes. It provides up-to-date single point data access combined with the ability to produce FCA required reports on such data, saving time and cost. If you are looking for control, we think Compliance Star is just the solution you need.

Absolute Cover (a trading style of Resolution Compliance Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under FRN 574048), part of the Thistle Group, is not like other insurance brokers. The Absolute Cover team are specialists in sourcing high-quality liability insurance for FCA-regulated firms.

Insurers often see financial services firms as high-risk and want to charge high premiums to match – assuming they’ll quote at all. But why should you pay a penalty for claims made against less competent businesses in your sector?

With clients right across the financial services sector, Absolute Cover understand how businesses like yours operate and why you stand out from firms with less effective risk management. Absolute Cover will take the time to get to know the true risks your business faces and present these to underwriters in the best possible light. That way, you pay the price that’s right for you.

Absolute Cover can do this because they’re part of the Thistle Group, an award-winning compliance service provider, offering a wide range of services to firms in the financial services sector. Absolute Cover leverage the unique insight that comes with their extensive sector knowledge and experience to get you the best possible policy that we offer.

Focusing on FinTech and Financial Services, twenty84 delivers recruitment solutions to businesses by providing retained, permanent and contract resourcing services across risk, compliance, finance, and fraud. Using their expert industry knowledge and years of recruiting experience, they know how best to meet the challenges of a competitive marketplace by using innovative methods to access talent. They build strong and long-standing relationships and networks in order to ensure the highest standards of delivery. They understand the importance of cash flow for new and growing businesses, which is why we have developed a flexible approach to our pricing structure, and offer a 3-month plan alongside our traditional pricing terms. Twenty 84 are also able to offer our clients the option to request that candidates carry out video interviews, facilitated by us using our innovative and secure video interviewing platform, which you are then able to view and share with colleagues in order to enhance the CV selection stage.

Work.Life believe business success is hinged on your team’s happiness. That’s why they create intelligently designed, community-led coworking spaces to keep your people happy, engaged and productive at work. They currently have 9 co-working spaces across London, Reading and Manchester and have recently launched Yours. by Work.Life, a managed office solution for bigger businesses with teams of 30+.