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At Thistle Initiatives we appreciate the power of technology to deliver practical and efficient compliance solutions. So much so, that we have invested in developing IT solutions specific to the financial services market and driven by our first-hand experience.

Our technology solutions carry many benefits; the removal of paper-based records, straightforward links to contacts through companies, the ability to find and manage information easily meeting both business and regulatory requirements.

We already offer solutions for:

  • • Principal firms managing ARs
    • Underwriters managing DAs and Coverholders

Our stable of technology-led solutions is in the process of expanding and we are frequently work with clients to develop bespoke solutions and tailor existing systems to meet specific requirements.

If you’d like to discuss ways in which technology could help you manage the challenges of operating a regulated business please contact us on 020 7436 0630 or email us on

    Within the Thistle Group we have a Principal firm responsible for multiple ARs. This means we have direct experience of the challenges of setting up a consistent and robust take on process, managing the two way flow of information, implementing strong monitoring and controls and extracting up to date and relevant MI lead.

    It was these challenges which led us to develop our own AR management system, Compliance Star.

    Adaptable and configurable for the specific needs of your business Compliance Star can help manage both your internal and external compliance challenges effectively and efficiently.

    As a compliance consultancy we have direct experience of undertaking audits for MGAs and underwriters, so we’ve seen at very close quarters just how challenging it can be to monitor and manage the risks.

    Again we’ve used this experience to build a technology-driven solution. The Thistle Agency Management Audit Reporting system (or Tamar for short) is a combination of an IT system underpinned by consultancy services to provide all round, sound management of your DA activity

    If you would like some more information regarding the wide range of work we do for finance firms, please get in touch to learn more about our services and what Thistle Initiatives can do for you. Thistle Initiatives 80 Coleman Street London EC2R 5BJ

    Telephone: +44 (0)20 7436 0630

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