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Supporting Telford Mann In Its Acquisition By Titan Wealth Holdings

Congratulations to both of our clients on the acquisition of Telford Mann by Titan Wealth Holdings.

The Investments team at Thistle Initiatives were engaged by Telford Mann to conduct sell-side regulatory due diligence as part of the process of selling its business to Titan, which, subject to FCA approval, will be completed by the acquisition of the firm by Titan Wealth Holdings in January 2023.
Telford Mann is a firm of chartered financial planners and discretionary investment managers and was originally established by Moore Chartered Accountants in 1988 and has been a client of Thistle for several years.

Telford Mann has grown to assets under administration of £750m and provides both financial advice and a range of model portfolios for its clients.

Telford Mann said: “From our early conversations, we quickly felt that Titan Wealth would be a valuable partner to take Telford Mann into the next stage of its growth. We are delighted with the work that James Dingwall and the team at Thistle has assisted with over the years and to work closely with us during the sale of the business to Titan has been excellent”. 

Andrew Fearon, joint chief executive at Titan Wealth Holdings, said the acquisition represents an “exciting opportunity” for Titan and brings a high-quality business into the group.

“Titan is increasingly well-positioned to pursue our ambitious growth targets, meet and drive further demand for our integrated client to custody model of investment and platform services. The process of the transaction was made much simpler with the work that James Dingwall and Thistle had completed in preparing Telford Mann for the sale”. 

James Dingwall, Founder and CEO at Thistle Initiatives said:

“Congratulations to Jilly Mann and Jon Telford and the wider team at Telford Mann for securing this sale. Telford Mann has been a great client of Thistle and I personally have enjoyed the company of Jilly and Jon along the way. I am delighted that they have secured a transaction with Titan Wealth, what a great start to the year for both organisations. We are looking forward to seeing what is in store next for them in 2023 and continuing to work alongside each other”. 

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