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Types of digital asset compliance services

We’re across all the current and upcoming regulatory requirements, helping you develop robust systems and controls, particularly around know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), disclosure and best-practice operations.



We support you to unpick and comply with the FCA guidelines that you must follow in terms of AML controls and internal governance

Compliance support

Compliance support

We assist in creating the ‘best-practice’ and ongoing culture of digital asset compliance that is critical to future-proof your business


Audit and advisory

We cover projects in AML, governance, systems and controls, as well as financial promotions, inducements and disclosures

Wondering how long it’ll take? What your options are? Where to start? Or whether you’re ready to become authorised?

Head to our FCA authorisation FAQs

Financial crime prevention

There are many requirements for firms to consider around anti-money laundering due diligence and transaction monitoring procedures for the digital asset sector. Get in touch for a free consultation call to find out more about your specific requirements.


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Who we support

The FCA states that these firms must comply with the latest AML registration:
  • Peer to peer providers
  • Custodian wallet providers
  • Cryptocurrency exchange providers
  • Initial coin offering (ICO) providers
  • Initial exchange offering (IEO) providers
  • Cryptoasset exchange providers – including cryptoasset ATMs
And many more...
ITI digital
We have used Thistle’s compliance services since 2016 and will continue to do so to help reach our business objectives. Thistle worked with us on our FCA Crypto Application with very short notice and delivered an application ready to submit to the FCA at a very high standard. I can only attribute this excellent turnaround to Thistle's relentless work ethic and deep understanding of the regulatory landscape. I believe this will be the first of many more projects with Thistle Initiatives.

Financial promotions

Much scrutiny has fallen on the digital asset and cryptocurrency sector to ensure that consumers are protected from false advertisements and that advertisements are ‘fair, clear, and not misleading’.

The UK government, in particular, aims to bring such adverts under strict financial advertising standards. Crypto promotions will be subject to FCA rules which align with other financial promotions such as for stocks, shares, and insurance products.

With a full view of the regulatory landscape our crypoasset experts can ensure you market your product or service to consumers in a way that does not jeopardise your reputation or business operations. And prepares you with internal procedures for the regulations to come.

What our digital asset clients have to say

“The whole Thistle team was engaged, diligent, professional, and responsive from start to finish. I look forward to continuing my relationship with them.”
Financial Dots-2
Financial Dots
“KoinKoin owes her registration with the FCA to the team over at Thistle Initiatives who were able to bring the best and brightest in regulatory risk and assist us with building our regulatory profile. We would work with Thistle again in the future and we will be seeking their counsel for the MLR registration in 2021.”
Koin Koin
“From end to end, Thistle’s assistance with our discretionary and advisory application for FCA authorisation was fantastic. They provided a professional and efficient service assisting with all aspects; we are very satisfied with the outcome.”
Topstone Capital-4
Topstone Capital

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