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Three charged over CFD trading pension fraud

Summary of Development

The FCA has charged three individuals with fraud for their alleged involvement in a high-risk trading scheme, which targeted people’s pension savings. 

Kristofer McGuire, Keith Williamson and Karla Walker have been charged with multiple offences, including fraud by false representation and fraudulent trading, after they targeted victims by persuading them to invest in contracts for difference (CFDs). CFDs are a high-risk investment product used to bet on the price of an asset. 

Many victims of the alleged fraud were encouraged to use their pensions to invest which were then traded to generate large commissions for those running the scheme, with victims’ pension funds almost entirely lost. 
The FCA alleges that Mr. McGuire, Mr. Williamson and Ms. Walker made false statements to a trading platform that their clients were professional investors. 

Mr. Williamson and Mr. McGuire are accused of fraudulent trading, and Mr. McGuire faces five further counts of fraud by false representation. 

The total known loss to victims is over £8 million. 

The defendants will appear before Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 7 June 2024.