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Webinar - Mastering the upcoming FCA Consumer Duty Deadline


The 31 July deadline for the FCA Consumer Duty is fast approaching, and it's crucial for firms to be ready. Join the Thistle Initiatives team for an insightful webinar designed to help you understand and meet these critical requirements.

It can be difficult to understand how to bring the FCA's Consumer Duty principles to life. Our webinar aims to fill this gap by providing you with practical, real-life examples that will not only meet regulatory requirements but also resonate with your clients and stakeholders. 



Key Discussion Points: 

1. Board Report Submission  

  • Understand the essential components your board report must include. 
  • Best practice tips for ensuring your report meets FCA standards and expectations. 

2. Closed Products Deadline  

  • Learn about the implications of closed products coming into scope. 
  • Strategies for managing and reporting on these newly included products. 

3. Q&A session 

  • Interactive Q&A session to address your specific challenges and questions. 

Why watch?

  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable knowledge from industry experts who will break down complex FCA requirements into actionable steps. 
  • Practical Examples: See how organisations are successfully implementing Consumer Duty principles, with tangible examples to guide you. 
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensure your board report and processes are compliant with FCA regulations, avoiding potential pitfalls and penalties. 


Jessica Cath - Head of Financial Crime (Moderator) (Thistle Initiatives)

Lorraine Mouat - Head of Payment Services (Thistle Initiatives)

Matthew Williamson - Head of Credit and Mortgages (Thistle Initiatives) 

Paul Caine - Associate Director (Thistle Initiatives)

Karishma Galaiya - Senior Manager (Thistle Initiatives) 

How can we help you?

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of Consumer Duty and interact with our expert leaders.  

For more information about how we can help you, please contact our specialist team now to schedule a free consultation. Get in touch with us by calling 020 7436 0630 or email